Page 6 - Pineal XT Eric Thompson (Awaken Your Third Eye)
P. 6

T his represents Buddha's supernatural wisdom, which
          emanates directly from the pineal gland..

          Sometimes the best kept secrets are

          hidden in plain sight.

          You have to wonder, why do all major religions and even
          ancient civilizations revere this little known gland?

          Is it a mere coincidence? Or did they know something
          profound about the pineal gland… something that has been
          hidden from the rest of us for centuries.

          In the next few minutes, you're about to }nd out ma ny
          shocking revelations and I promise, you're going to be left
          stunned when you learn the truth.

          You see, ver y few people actually understand how
          impor tant this small, unassuming gland is in our life.

          It has a profound impact on our life… our healt h… and our

          ability to connect directly to the Universe to create
          unlimited abundance.

          You’ ll discover why they’ve gone through great lengths to
          conceal the truth about your pineal gland, and the lengths
          they’ve gone through to do it.
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