Page 9 - Pineal XT Eric Thompson (Awaken Your Third Eye)
P. 9

Wealt h.. Love… Happiness… Peace… Ful}llment.

          Imagine being able to never have to worr y about anot her
          bill or rent payment again, because you’ve been so
          }nancially blessed that you no longer even need to work.

          Or, waking up ever y day next to someone you’re madly in
          love with, and who loves you back the same  way.

          Or realizing your life’s true purpose, and living the most
          ful}lling life you could ever imagine.

          You will even be able to tap into your latent psychic abilities,

          like an enhanced “six sense” and other ama zing things.

          T hese are what await you when you learn to use t he

          powers you truly possess by connecting with the Universe.

          You'll be able to ascend spiritually, access higher
          consciousness and become a self-actualized version of you…

          your true self.

          If it sounds too good to be true, it's not, because I'm going to

          show you real people who have used this simple 30-second
          act ivat ion met hod, and how it allowed them to create the
          life of their dreams.

          So get ready to have your eyes truly opened (all three of

          them), because after seeing this, your life is going to change,
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