Page 12 - Pineal XT Eric Thompson (Awaken Your Third Eye)
P. 12

And no, I’m not talking about Mark Zuckerberg’s

          I'm talking about the mult iverse, which has been proven to
          exist by quantum physics.

          W hat this means is that ever y possible thing that has
          happened, or could happen, exists in these upper
          dimensions… and the simple act of visualizing and ima gining

          something, allows you to interact with these other realms  of

          Now, I know that’s a lot to unpack, and I don’t want to turn

          this into a science lesson, but basically what this me ans is
          that all versions of your life…

          ...ever y good, or bad choice..

          ...ever y possible outcome of how your life could play out...

          Does exist in other parallel realities located in these upper
          dimensions, which means that your best possible life is
          existing right now in another alternate Universe.

          And the key to tapping into this… and to be able to access
          all of these possibilities… is your pineal gland.

          Just imagine what it would be like to activate your pineal

          gland, and be able to tap into this.
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