Page 13 - Pineal XT Eric Thompson (Awaken Your Third Eye)
P. 13

To be able to manifest endless abundance… to never have to
          worr y about waking up at 6 a.m. so that you can be on time

          for a job you can’t stand.

          Or…being able to }nd true love… where it’s so amazing it
          seems like it’s something out of a movie… and }nally being

          content and happy… having the con}dence to know that you
          are }nally in control of your destiny, and you can manifest
          whatever you want into reality.

          To be able to “manifest” something, simp ly means to pull
          what already exists in the multiverse, into our plane of

           Despite what you have been conditioned to believe, we are
          multi- dimensional beings, capable of interacting with higher
            dimensions which are proven to exist in quantum  physics.
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