Page 15 - Pineal XT Eric Thompson (Awaken Your Third Eye)
P. 15

It star ted in his early 20s, when he became  fascinated by
          the pyramids in Egypt.

          He was convinced that the pyramids hid some  type of
          ancient technology that allowed them  to harness t he
          electromagnet ic }eld of t he Ear t h, and create unlimited


          Funded by J.P. Morgan, and inspired by his theor y about the

          great pyramids in Egypt, Tesla created large coils that were
          able to transmit power wirelessly using nothing but the
          electromagnetic }elds of the ear th, with the goal being able
          to have free wireless electricity for the entire world.

          W hen JP Morgan realized what this meant, he famo usly
          told him that he didn't see the point of it, if it were free, they
          wouldn't be able to charge money for it.
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